Tires and Tire Maintenance in Greer, SC

The tires on your vehicle play a critical safety role. They are the only thing between your vehicle, you and the road. They also play a critical role in handling and driving experience. Many drivers never think of their vehicle’s tires, which can be a major mistake. Timely tire maintenance is critical in preserving tire longevity and safety. Eastside Automotive in Greer, South Carolina, provides tire maintenance and can replace worn-out tires.


Tire Maintenance

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle’s tires and ensure your safety, you must do regular tire maintenance. Some of it you can do, and some you will need Eastside Automotive to help you with.

Check Air Pressure

Every month, check the tire’s air pressure. Never rely on the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Purchase a quality tire gauge to check the tires on your vehicle. Too much air pressure causes the center of the tire to wear, and too little causes the outside edges of the tire to wear. Both are safety concerns.

Rotate the Tires

Though it’s not immediately obvious, tires wear unevenly. Rotate them every oil change to increase longevity and prevent having to purchase one tire at a time. Front tires and drive tires wear faster than the other tires. Front tires wear faster because of the weight of the engine. Drive tires wear faster because they are more likely to spin. Additionally, just the placement of tires causes uneven wear.


Most people don’t think about alignment unless they notice something is “off.” By the time you notice the vehicle pulls or the steering wheel is not centered, it’s too late – one or more tires are worn unevenly. If you drive on well-maintained roads, check the alignment once per year. If you drive on gravel or poorly maintained roads, check the alignment every six months.

Wheel Balancing

Unbalanced wheels can cause vibrations and uneven tire wear. Balance the tires regularly to ensure they stay in balance. Once per year is usually fine, but if you notice vibrations at higher speeds, you need to balance the tires.

Types of Tires
Tire manufacturers make several types of tires. What you choose depends on your driving habits and the weather.

All-Season Tires

The most versatile tire is the all-season tire. It has tread designed to work well in rain, dry weather, and snow. They are also the most common type of tire found on cars and trucks.

Summer Tires

Also known as performance tires, summer tires have a tread that is designed for maximum grip and handling on dry roads. They are more popular in warm climates as those who use them should switch to winter tires in areas of the country where it gets cold and snowy during the winter months.

Winter Tires

Also referred to as snow tires, winter tires provide excellent traction in snowy and slushy conditions. The special tread pattern and rubber compound are designed to prevent sliding in inclement cold weather.

All-Terrain Tires

When you frequently drive off-road, you might consider all-terrain tires. They are designed to offer a balance of on-road comfort and off-road capabilities. They are great for SUVs and pickup trucks for off-road driving and city driving.

Mud-Terrain Tires

If you frequently go off-road, you might be better off with mud-terrain tires. They have deep, aggressive tread that gives the best grip in dirt and rocky terrain. However, they are not very comfortable on paved roads.

What Are The Signs That You Need New Tires?

If you face any of these issues with your vehicle’s tires you might need new tires:

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