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A vehicle’s electrical system is a complex mass of wiring, sensors and electronic components that perform many functions, including starting, charging, diagnostics, windows, door locks, lights, infotainment systems and more. Sometimes, the system needs electrical repair. In some cases, the affected system may not work, and in other cases, an electrical problem could cause the vehicle not to start. Eastside Automotive, an auto repair shop in South Carolina, can repair electrical issues.

Auto Electrical Repair Greer SC - Eastside Automotive

Auto Electrical Systems

Vehicles rely on electronic systems and components for many things, including performance and efficiency. Crucial functions include:

Starting and Charging

To start your vehicle, the starter relies on electrical current from the battery, igniting the engine and setting the wheels in motion. Concurrently, the alternator steps in to recharge the battery, ensuring it stays primed for future starts. This symbiotic relationship between the starter and alternator is critical for the smooth functioning of your vehicle’s electrical system, a core aspect addressed through our expert Auto Electrical Repair services in Greer, SC at Eastside Automotive.

Ignition System

Electronic ignition systems control spark plug timing to ensure the engine has efficient combustion. Each cylinder has one or two plugs, and they have to fire at the end of the compression stroke. Internal combustion engines have four strokes: Intake, compression, combustion (power), and exhaust. The plug fires right before, at or just after top dead center (when the piston is at the top of the cylinder) of the compression stroke, depending on how the timing is set.

Engine Management

The engine control module manages several engine controls, including fuel injection and emissions control.

Safety Systems

All vehicles have some advanced safety systems, including airbags, which rely on electronic components. Anti-lock brakes, airbags, traction control, lane departure warning, rearview cameras, automatic braking and other systems are all electrical safety systems.

Climate Control

Electronic climate control relies on electrical components to keep your Asian vehicle or domestic vehicle comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

Entertainment and Connectivity

GPS navigation, entertainment systems, infotainment systems and smartphone connectivity all depend on electrical components.

Common Auto Electrical Repair Problems

Not all auto repair shops provide vehicle electrical repair. Eastside Automotive has certified technicians that have extensive electrical repair experience. Some of the common vehicle electrical problems we see in the shop include:

Dead Battery or Faulty Alternator

A weak battery can cause dimmed lights and problems with the electronic systems in the vehicle. A dead battery will not allow the vehicle to start. A battery can die if the alternator stops charging or when it finally wears out. Most batteries have a 2-3 year warranty, depending on the type and brand.

Fuses and Relays

Some electrical components, such as the fuel pump and air compressor, use relays to help manage power. Blown fuses and relays can cause malfunctions in component circuits. For example, if the fuse for the lights is blown, the lights won’t come on. If the fuel pump relay is bad, the fuel pump won’t come on.

Sensor Malfunctions

In addition to sensors sending out-of-range readings, they can fail. Depending on the failed sensor, the vehicle may not run properly or at all. In some cases, it may run but may use excessive fuel.

Ignition System

Problems with the ignition system can cause rough idling, misfires and no-start conditions. Spark plugs, coils, distributors, ignition control modules and plug wires can all cause problems with starting or running.

Wiring Problems

Sometimes, wires can be damaged by rodents holing up in the engine compartment, hot exhaust manifolds, and just wear on the insulation if the vehicle is older. When the wiring has a problem, it can take a while to track down – but until an auto tech can locate the problem, the vehicle may exhibit erratic operation, intermittent failure, or complete failure.

Starter Malfunction

If your vehicle won’t start, it’s not always the battery or alternator. In some cases, the starter or starter solenoid may have failed.
Diagnosing Auto Electrical Problems

If the problem is serious, the vehicle may go into limp-home mode. If this happens, do not shut the vehicle off until you can pull off into a safe place. This is designed to provide minimal power to get you home, to a shop or out of traffic.

If you are within a mile or less of Eastside Automotive or home, drive to either place, but do not force the vehicle to go faster. Depending on the model, it may not allow you to drive over 25 or 30 mph – sometimes even slower. If you give it more gas and try to force it, you could damage the engine.

In many cases, when a vehicle goes into limp-home mode, once you shut it off, you won’t be able to restart it.

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