Engine Repair in Greer, SC

When a vehicle’s engine is new, it has the power you expect, but as it gets more and more miles on it, it seems to slow down, and things start breaking. Engine repair is more about restoring the soul of your vehicle – without it, you’re going nowhere fast. Keeping up with preventative maintenance helps keep your engine in top shape for more miles.

Engine Health

A healthy engine provides optimal power, fuel efficiency, reliability and safety. A healthy engine also reduces emissions. When we speak of engine repair, we are talking about repairs to the engine itself – not accessories such as the power steering pump, air conditioning and alternator.

To properly repair an engine, the technician must have an understanding of how internal combustion engines work and have the right engine repair and replacement skills to make those repairs. In an auto repair shop like Eastside Automotive in Greer, South Carolina, the skilled mechanics and auto technicians take several steps to repair engines, including:


The tech must identify the problem with the engine. For example, is a head gasket broken, is the oil pump working or is the timing belt or timing chain worn or broken? Our technicians use diagnostic tools to determine the problem.


Once the tech identifies the problem, he must rip the engine down. If the oil pump is malfunctioning, the oil pan comes off. If it’s the head gasket, the heads have to come off. If it’s the timing belt or timing chain, the front cover must come off.


The tech then inspects the parts. At this step, the tech may identify additional issues. For example, in some vehicles, the water pump is turned by the timing belt instead of the serpentine belt. If the water pump or tensioner grinds (or the water pump is leaking), it will need to be replaced. However, in this case, we automatically replace the water pump because of the amount of labor it takes to reach it – and we’re right there since the timing belt has nearly the same labor.

Repair or Replacement

Once the tech identifies all of the problems, the tech replaces the necessary parts.


Once the parts have been replaced, the tech reassembles the engine.


The final step is to test the repairs to ensure they were done properly. Depending on the repair, it may require another diagnostics, or it might require a test drive.

Common Engine Repair in Greer, SC

Some of the common engine repairs we see at Eastside Automotive include:

Head Gasket Repair

Head gaskets can break without reason, but in most cases, they break when you overheat the engine. Some vehicles use metal head gaskets that can last seemingly forever as long as you don’t fill the radiator with plain water and flush the coolant every five year.

Freeze Plug Replacement

Freeze plugs are plugs on the sides and ends of the engine block. They’re designed to pop out if the engine freezes. Generally, that only happens if you replace the coolant with plain water or if temperatures drop below the antifreeze’s freezing point.

Timing Belt or Timing Chain Replacement

The timing belt or timing chain, depending on the make and model vehicle you have, is actually a maintenance job. It must be replaced pursuant to the manufacturer’s recommendations – usually between 40,000 and 60,000 miles for a timing belt and 100,000 miles to 120,000 miles for a timing chain.

Oil Pump Replacement

Oil pumps seldom wear out before the life of the vehicle is over, but it can happen. They also malfunction or wear out faster if you don’t change the oil as recommended by the manufacturer.

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Valve cover gaskets can be made of rubber or cork. Over time, the heat from the engine causes them to crack. Once that happens, oil leaks down the side of the block, often on the hot exhaust. When you notice a valve cover leak, it’s best to replace the gaskets as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of fire.

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