Brake Repair in Greer, SC

Your vehicle’s brakes are your main defense against accidents. Whether you need to stop suddenly because an animal or another vehicle runs in front of you or you are coming to a controlled stop at a traffic light, you need the brakes to work as they are intended for you to remain safe. At Eastside Automotive in Greer, SC, we offer brake repair services to guarantee safety and performance of your vehicle. Our certified brake system experts check your vehicle’s brakes every time you come in for service to keep you safe.

Brake Repair Greer SC - Brake System Components

Braking System Components

The braking system has several components, including essential parts such as brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines, all working together to ensure effective and safe deceleration of a vehicle when the brakes are applied.

Brake Pads

The brake pads have friction material that presses against the brake rotors to slow the vehicle. The pads also have a metal tab attached to the backing plate. When the thickness of the brake pad wears below the tab, the tab rubs on the rotor and makes a squeaking noise to alert you that it’s time to change the pads.

Brake Rotors

Sometimes referred to as discs, brake rotors are metal plates that ride on the spindle. The brake system has one pad on each side of each rotor. Proper brake rotors ensures your vehicle’s braking system functions effectively, while wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle maintains stability and control on the road. 


Brake calipers hold the brake pads. When you step on the brakes, hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder forces the calipers to close, so the brake pads rub against the rotors to provide stopping force.

Brake Hoses and Lines

The brake system has a lot of pressure, so most brake lines are metal. However, the vehicle has a rubber brake hose at each wheel. These rubber lines deteriorate over time and need to be replaced.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder holds the brake fluid. When you step on the brake pedal, a piston in the master forces the brake fluid through the brake lines to activate the calipers.


The anti-lock braking system uses a computer to release one brake if it locks up. It immediately activates the brake again – much like you stepping on and releasing the brake pedal. However, the ABS can “pump” one brake at a time and can do it much faster than a human.

Signs You Need Brake Repair in Greer, SC

Brake issues are from your vehicle’s constant wear-and-tear, which means brakes wear out over time and miles. Common signs of brake issues include:

Squeaking or Squealing

When the tab on the brake pads’ backing plate becomes higher than the pad, it scrapes against the rotor, making a squealing or squeaking noise. This is designed like this to warn you that it’s time to change the brake pads. The grooves will be so deep there won’t be enough material to machine, and you’ll have to buy new rotors.


If you ignore the squeaking and squealing, you will hear grinding. This is the backing plate tearing into the rotor. There is no pad left, which could cause additional problems, including over-extended calipers and collapsed brake hoses. It also causes significantly reduced stopping power.

Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal

The most common cause of a soft or spongy brake pedal is air in the brake lines. Since the brake system is a closed system, you have a rusted brake line or a problem elsewhere. Other causes of a soft or spongy brake pedal include:

  • Leaking brake calipers
  • Worn master cylinder
  • Leaking wheel cylinders
  • Rear brake shoes need adjusting
  • ABS hydraulic assembly malfunction

Vibration or Pulsation

If the brake pedal vibrates or pulses when you step on it, you may have a warped rotor. Rotors can warp from the brakes getting too hot, or the rotor is too thin.

Reduced Stopping Power

When any of the components in the brake system malfunction, you can experience reduced stopping power or may not be able to stop at all.

Warning Lights

If you notice the ABS or brake light flashing on your dashboard, it’s a clear sign of trouble. Don’t risk your safety by ignoring it, even if your brake pedal feels normal. It’s important to get your vehicle to an auto repair shop right away to fix any issues and keep you safe on the road.

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