Auto Repair in Greer, SC

Many people think they have to go to the dealership for maintenance so the warranty isn’t voided. This is not true – you only have to prove you had the maintenance done. Likewise, you don’t have to go to a dealership for car repairs in Greer. As long as the shop you choose has trusted, talented and ASE certified technicians, you can save money by using an independent shop like Eastside Automotive.

Auto Repair Skilled Technicians and Transparent Pricing

Our expert mechanics and technicians may have gone to tech school or may have obtained their ASE Certifications after many years of experience working on automotive repair and vehicles in South Carolina. In some cases, techs receive specialized training to stay up to date with the newest technology manufacturers add to vehicles in the auto repair industry.

All of our auto repair techs have the diagnostic tools and equipment to diagnose your vehicle properly the first time. We also use genuine parts, whether OEM or known aftermarket brands, such as Autolite, Denso, Jasper, Bremo, and others.

Finally, you will always know what the auto repair cost will be before we lift a wrench to fix it. Our pricing is transparent, and you won’t find any hidden fees, as we tell you the “out the door” price when we call for approval to do the work.

Common Vehicle Issues

Some of the common auto repairs we see and services we provide include:

Diagnostics and Check Engine Light

Today’s vehicles are run by computers – the engine computer, or electronic control module, controls the air and fuel mixture and emissions. Some vehicle manufacturers also include transmission in the ECM, while others might have a separate computer for the transmission.

When the check engine light comes on, the ECM is telling you that something with the engine is not working properly. Eastside Automotive in Greer SC, has the equipment to properly diagnose your vehicle and repair it correctly the first time.

Electrical Repair

In the auto repair industry, newer modern vehicles have well over 25 miles of wiring in the vehicle, including wiring for lights, starting, charging, the electronic control unit and other computers, power windows and locks, and the infotainment system. We have extensive experience in tracking down wiring and electrical problems.

Brake Repair

When you first hear your vehicle’s brakes squealing, it’s time to bring your vehicle in. The longer you wait, the more dangerous it is to drive the vehicle and the more damage you’ll do to the brake pads, brake rotors and possibly the calipers and brake hoses requiring extensive auto repairs.

Auto AC Repair

In Greer, SC, the summers can get pretty hot, especially if you are not in the mountains. The last thing you want is an air conditioning system that doesn’t work. You should have the air conditioning checked every spring and the heating system checked each fall to ensure everything is working properly and you don’t have refrigerant or coolant leaks. We can repair all components in the heating and air conditioning systems, including compressors, condensers, high and low-pressure air conditioning lines, evaporators, heater cores and heater hoses.

Tires and Alignments

Your vehicle’s tires are a critical safety feature. Keeping up with tire maintenance means your vehicle is safer on the road, and the tires will last longer. By rotating the tires every other oil change, you prevent some uneven wear. Checking the alignment at least once per year also helps prevent uneven wear. When the tire tread does wear down, we can replace the tires for you.

We also have an alignment machine to align your vehicle after steering and suspension work and to check alignments every year.

Suspension & Steering

When components in the steering and suspension are worn, your vehicle becomes dangerous to drive. Some components, including tie rod ends, can pull the wheels out of alignment, which affects control and handling. A malfunctioning power steering pump makes it difficult to steer. Worn shocks and struts also affect handling and control.

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