Suspension & Steering Services in Greer, SC

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension are two separate systems that work together to provide a smooth and safe driving experience in Greer, SC. They also ensure the vehicle handles well, keeps it stable and absorbs bumps in the road. Eastside Automotive in Greer, South Carolina has the tools and equipment to repair the suspension & steering and to align the vehicle after repairs when necessary.

Two Types of Steering

Most of today’s vehicles have one of two types of steering. Rack and pinion steering is the most common. It uses a flat, toothed bar called a rack and a small, round gear called a pinion to convert the rotation from the steering wheel into a lateral motion that turns the tires.

Recirculating ball steering is less common for modern vehicles but is still found in some SUVs and trucks. This system uses ball bearings and a worm gear to convert input from the steering wheel to input for the wheels.

Two Types of Suspension

The suspension is a safety feature and provides comfort and handling at the same time. Most vehicles have one of two types of suspension. Independent suspension is more common in today’s vehicles. Each wheel has its own suspension system. This provides a smoother ride and better handling than solid axle suspension.

In solid axle suspension systems, the wheels on each side of the vehicle are connected so they move together. This type of suspension is typically found in off-road vehicles.

Suspension & Steering Maintenance

Keeping up with regular maintenance for the steering and suspension systems decreases the risk of accidents and increases vehicle longevity and fuel economy. Maintenance includes:

Wheel Alignment

Checking the alignment regularly is a must. When the wheels are misaligned, tires wear faster, and you could also increase wear and tear on some suspension and steering parts.

Tire Rotation

Rotating the tires ensures they wear evenly, which increases the lifespan of the tires. When rotating the tires, you can catch issues such as uneven tire wear from worn suspension, plus it gives your tech the opportunity to inspect the brakes, suspension and steering.

Regular Lubrication

Control arms and ball joints need regular lubrication. You can extend the life of these suspension parts by making sure your auto tech lubes them at each oil change. The techs at Eastside Automotive in Greer, SC, always lube the suspension and other parts when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change.

Suspension Inspection

When you regularly inspect your vehicle’s suspension, you will catch issues before they become major problems and start affecting other components.

Common Suspension & Steering Issues

Knowing what to look for as far as suspension and steering issues allow you to catch issues before they become major problems. Some of the factors that let you know that something might be wrong with the suspension or steering include.

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