Auto AC Repair in Greer, SC

Most people don’t think twice about the air conditioning in their vehicles. They get in, turn the AC on and start driving. This habit can come back to bite you. A vehicle’s air conditioning system can develop issues over time, including leaks and a malfunctioning compressor. The last thing you need is to get in your car to go to work on a hot South Carolina summer morning to find that the AC is blowing hot air – or not blowing at all. Eastside Automotive in Greer, SC can maintain your vehicle’s air conditioning and provide auto AC repair when it malfunctions.

Car Air Conditioning Components and How They Work

The air conditioning in your vehicle is made up of several parts, including:


The compressor separates the low-pressure side from the high-pressure side. Refrigerant as a low-pressure gas enters the compressor, which compresses the gas into a high-pressure gas. The compressor is mounted on the front of the engine. The vehicle’s serpentine belt turns the compressor.


The condenser looks like a small radiator. It rides in front of your vehicle’s radiator. The refrigerant enters the condenser after it leaves the compressor. As it goes through the condenser, it cools but stays at a high pressure. The cooling process changes it from a gas to a liquid.


After leaving the condenser, the refrigerant makes its way through the dryer, which contains a desiccant. The dryer removes moisture and filters the refrigerant. The dryer is on the high-pressure side of the system between the condenser and the metering device. Some vehicles use an accumulator, which performs the same duties, but it is located on the low-pressure side of the system, after the metering device and before the compressor.

Metering Device

Depending on the vehicle year, make and model, the metering device can be an expansion valve or an orifice tube. As the refrigerant goes through the metering device, it lowers the pressure of the refrigerant, which drops the temperature of the refrigerant, which is still in a liquid form. The metering device is mounted between the dryer and the vehicle’s firewall on the high-pressure side of the system.


The evaporator changes the refrigerant back to a gas, which causes a cooling effect. As the cool, dry refrigerant blows across the evaporator, it cools the cabin air. The evaporator is inside the cabin, behind the dash.

Preventative Maintenance for Auto AC /Air Conditioning

Keeping up with preventative maintenance for your auto air conditioning can decrease the risk of the system failing when you most need it. You can keep your air conditioning in top shape by:

Tips for keeping your air conditioning in top shape include:

  • Use the air conditioning year-round. Just run it for a few minutes every month during the cold months to keep your vehicle’s AC system lubricated.
  • Keep the windows closed when using the air conditioning. Open windows create more resistance, which causes the system to work harder.
  • Park in the shade whenever possible so you can reduce the strain on the auto ac system.

Common Auto Air Conditioning Problems

Some of the common problems you may run into with your car’s air conditioning include:

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