Domestic Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services in Greer, SC

Domestic vehicles

Mostly manufactured in the United States and have been a symbol of American engineering and pride. Ford, GM, Dodge, and their sub-brands have left their mark on the automotive industry. Owning a domestic vehicle in Greer, South Carolina is a nod to the heritage of American automotive excellence. However, just as with other vehicles, domestic vehicles require maintenance. They also have wear-and-tear parts that need to be replaced.

Domestic Vehicle Models
Domestic vehicle brands and sub-brands include:

While Ford phased out the Mercury brand in 2011, some may still be on the road. GM also phased out the Pontiac brand in 2010, but again, there are still some Pontiac models on the road that may need auto repair.

The characteristics of domestic vehicles include:


Domestic vehicles date back to the early 20th century and continue to leave their mark on the automotive industry.


Many domestic vehicles are celebrated for powerful engines and excellent towing capacity, which makes them popular choices for many applications, including farm work, towing RV trailers, racing and more.


Domestic vehicle manufacturers cater to many driving needs, from heavy-duty pickup trucks to sedans to sporty coupes.

Iconic Models

We can never forget the iconic models, some of which have been brought back into production, including the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and the Dodge Challenger.

Domestic Vehicle Repair and Maintenance at Eastside Automotive in Greer, South Carolina

As an established auto repair shop, Eastside Automotive handles many types of auto repairs plus vehicle maintenance for domestic vehicles, including:

Tires and Alignments

Tires are a significant safety item on your vehicle. They are also a wear-and-tear item. Tires are the only contact your vehicle has with the road, so they must be kept in excellent condition. Checking the air pressure at least once per month and rotating the tires every other oil change ensures even tread wear. Checking the alignment once per year also increases a tire’s lifespan. When the tire tread wears out, or you have a blow-out, we can replace your vehicle’s tires with quality tires.

Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension work together to keep the vehicle on the road and give you a safe and comfortable ride. Repairs include shocks, struts, tie rod ends, control arms, power steering pumps, rack and pinion, gearboxes and high and low-pressure power steering hoses.


Your vehicle’s brakes are one of the safety features you should inspect frequently. When the brake pads get low, you’ll usually hear a squealing noise – the metal tab on the brake pads scraping the rotors. Ignoring low brake pads can lead to more damage to rotors, calipers and brake hoses. We can repair all those parts, plus master cylinders and ABS.

Cooling System Repairs

The cooling system keeps your vehicle from overheating. We can replace radiators, water pumps, thermostats, electric fans, manual fans, fan clutches, and hoses.

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you want to have a comfortable ride regardless of the season, keep the heating and air conditioning systems in good working order. We can inspect both in the spring and fall for the upcoming seasons. We can replace evaporator cores, heater cores, compressors, condensers, high and low-pressure air conditioning lines, heater hoses and more.

Diagnostics and Electrical

When the check engine light comes on, it tells you that the electronic control module (ECM) stored a code because it couldn’t correct out-of-range readings from one or more sensors. We have the diagnostic equipment to track down the problem and repair it.

Fuel System Repairs

Cleaning the fuel injectors once per year increases the lifespan of your vehicle’s fuel injectors. However, they will eventually wear out. We can replace fuel injectors, fuel pumps and fuel filters.

Starting and Charging

Without the battery, alternator or starter, you most likely won’t go anywhere until you fix it. We can test and replace these after we diagnose your vehicle to see which one is causing the electrical system problem.

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